1. 2. 3. Smile …


Taking pictures has become a major part of going on vacation for my family. With social media, we capture the moment or experience in an image and get to share part of the adventure. Vacation shots are shared and posted in a very individual way. I love seeing the places that my family and friends visit. I also love to see awesome photos of beautiful scenery and unique places.


Having just gotten back from vacation, this topic is fresh. During the day, we all take pictures with various devices and share them with each other at night. This way each person has a chance to pick their favorites and decide which ones make the cut for the post. I personally love to post a bunch of pictures at the end of each day. Some like to post at the end of the vacation. Others select one single image and strategically post it to mark the experience. I like to be tagged, others not so much. The same goes for checking in at various hot spots. Everyone has a different social media image that they want to keep and manage the way they like to share themselves.


Personally, I love to note places that I might want to visit in the future from things I see on others walls. I also love hearing from people who are looking for recommendations based on what they have seen from some of my own pictures and recent places.


These images are my personal picturebook of life and having them to reflect upon makes me very happy… Keep posting!📷