We are all constantly seeing articles, advertisements, products, etc., that claim to be the answer to the fountain of youth and creating energizer bunny status. Looking to feel better than you ever have at any previous age and having the energy to leap tall buildings in a single bound. I have fallen into some of these traps and have hoped to gain that extra drop of energy and bounce out of bed every morning ready to conquer the world, as I once did, without having to stretch first and grab my glasses to see the clock. I used to joke around with my older friends who said, “Just wait, it will happen to you too.” I didn’t realize that in their playful tone, they were not kidding!!!!



I am not claiming to have conducted a major scientific study to reach this conclusion, but I talk to alot of people and they all agree with me. I think that the secret to feeling great as you age, is accepting that you are not the age you once were, and that it is all relative of what great feels like. We put alot of stress, and wear and tear on ourselves and that changes things. We encounter medical issues, mental stress (which definitely sucks the life out of you), and just plain old years of everyday repetition on our bodies. Things just start to work differently. I didn’t get the memo on the correct way to pick up the laundry basket so I wouldn’t throw out my back, or the heads up on how much time I would be spending with my hair colorist. These are just a few things that are all part of the secret society that no one tells you about until initiation day, when you go to the mailbox and your AARP card is waiting for you. I am told that this is not junk mail, it is a reality check. People should share this information and give us the warning to proceed with caution. I mean, you can’t change most of it. There isn’t a better option, and aging definitely beats the alternative. I really think there needs to be a prep course or a “girlfriends’ guide” for this. We have them for everything else.



As the clock is ticking and the months get closer to my 50th birthday, my transition as in decades past has been much slower. I am trying to embrace this reality and move from frustration into acceptance mode. It sort of seems like the transition when you see the new parents at the kindergarten bus on the first day of school. You smile as you remember waiving goodbye to your little person; off to conquer the world in elementary school. Those are the young mommies. You don’t see the time passing. We blink, and all of a sudden, we no longer have to pick anyone up because they are driving themselves. We blink again, and we are moving them into their dorm rooms in college. As these stages of growth and aging were happening, we would say that the difference between the early crowd and the late crowd at the gym was 10 lbs. We would chuckle and admit that we weren’t as young as we used to be, but now we know that there is a lot more than 10 lbs between the the young mommies and us.

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With this bigger transition over this past year, I feel like I was hit with a ton of bricks and a voice of reality that is screaming at me to embrance the change instead of fight it. The new normal will find it’s way, and once again, all will be in balance. I have to listen to this voice of reason so that I don’t keep fighting a losing battle. A mentor once told me to enjoy where you are, no one can take that away from you. Change is a guarantee and you won’t feel the way you do today 20 years from now. When I heard this then, I chuckled and thought to myself that they must have been kidding. Now I realize that it couldn’t have been closer to the truth. That statement is a pearl of wisdom to live by.


That being said,

Aging sucks, but since you can’t beat them, join them!