IntuitionI always find it amusing that my kids are actually surprised when I know about something that happened, or better yet, before they even know about a breaking story. Call this the double-edged sword to living in a small town. Either I know something that they decided not to share or I have told them some news before it broke on the teen circuit. I always tell them that I will find out most things, most of the time, so being honest and upfront about something in question is always the way to go. There are definitely boundaries that I do not cross, and I respect their privacy, but when something is public knowledge, all bets are off.

I think that as mom’s, we have some crazy power that turns on our radar when something just isn’t right or out of character. I thought you might find a couple of situations humorous, knowing that you have all had your comical moments as well.

Texting conversation with teen at airport returning from a third world country. Keep in mind that we haven’t heard one word in 8 days and this is what I get:

  • Teen: What is the stuff you put on a bug bite if it is itchy?
  • Me: Calamine Lotion, How was the week!?
  • Teen: No, not that, what pill do you take to stop the itching?
  • Me: Benadryl. Did you have a great experience?!
  • Teen: That’s it, can I buy that at the airport?
  • Me: Yes. Are you having an allergic reaction or do you have an infected bug bite? (At this point I totally give up asking anything about the actual trip).
  • Teen: I’m fine, I just have a few bug bites. See you when I land.
  • Me: Have a good flight. See you soon! (What is going through my mind is that she has some infected bites and that I should prepare to go to the doctor upon arrival home.)

Intuition was right; sure enough, 3 hours later when arriving home, I look at the leg from across the room and I called it, massive infected bites all over her swollen legs. I said to her, you could have told me. Her response was, “I am sure you knew it wasn’t just a bite anyway”.

One more insightful moment for an added chuckle:

  • Student: Do you remember where the health center is on campus?
  • Me: Do you still have that cough?
  • Student: I’m fine, I just want to know in case I need to go.
  • Student: 3 hours later… Is codeine cough medicine safe to take?
  • Me: I see you went to the health center, how are you feeling?
  • Student: Fine, I just can’t sleep because I am up coughing.
  • Me: Maybe you should go back to the health center for an antibiotic.
  • Student: I’m fine.
  • Me: Are you sure this isn’t like the bug bites from Nicaragua?
  • Student: Smiling emoji…

I think that women instantly inherit this added sense when they have kids. I always say, listen to your gut.