When I see a quote, whether it is funny, inspirational, or something that just hits my mood, I have to have it. I take a picture, write it down, or take a screen shot. I like to have it in my possession so I can refer to it at a later date. I use it for a chuckle, inspiration, or just to send it, almost like a card, to a friend or family member, for a bit of sanity or light-hearted humor.

Here are some of my favorites …

We all play scenarios in our heads over and over to find the meaning of something. Here are a couple mantras for letting go and finding piece of mind:



Finding meaning and confidence are always lessons to teach and live by. I found these thoughts for encouragement and inspiration along the way:



Being a character and having character are kind of one in the same…


IMG_4639 (1)

IMG_4623 (1)

Now this is a perspective on raising our children that we should think about more. This is a great one …


Here are some random favorites that I get a kick out of:


IMG_4662 (1)

A helpful explanation of how I have felt at the end of the day. This one says it all …


Lastly, since I am getting closer to the big 5-0, I couldn’t resist. This one really cracked me up. A very creative way to say happy 50th birthday …

IMG_4615 (1)

I hope you enjoyed some of my favorites. Take some of these and pass them on or keep them for yourself. The power of a few simple words can make a difference to get you headed in the right direction.