growth quoteAs I reflect on the first few weeks of 2016, I notice that my interests have already expanded. I have found myself taking the time to focus on things that I used to just browse over. By taking the extra time, I have found some new things that I am enjoying and have revisited some old favorites.


I have always loved looking at pictures, whether it was of a fascinating place or of friends and family. Pictures often reflect a snapshot of a memory for me. I love reminiscing about great times when I look at old pictures. I have taken an interest in discovering some of the amazing websites that offer unbelievable images, covering every place and event in the world. By exploring some of them, I am not only seeing an outrageous place, but I am taking the time to learn where new places are and some information about them. The world is an enormous place with so many treasures to visit and learn about. I am lucky enough to have traveled with my family to some amazing places, where we have learned and experienced some cool things. When I come across the photography of some of the places that I have visited, I can connect to the culture and history of the country. It has even spiked my interest for future travel and exploration. I might even consider taking a photography class.

In addition to the photography, I always love the impact that music brings to a series of pictures. Hence the photo montage. Music enhances emotion to pretty much anything. I love listening to all kinds of music. If you ask me what I have on a running playlist, I might answer classic rock, pop and my favorite… show tune soundtracks !!! I absolutely become obsessed with certain shows that I have seen and can’t get them out of my head. Some of my favorites are Next to Normal, Spring Awakening, Beautiful, Rent, tick, tick… BOOM!, and Hair to name a few. You literally can feel the music! If you want to hear some of my favorites, select the link and enjoy!

Sticking with the music, a friend of mine recommended a few documentaries that give the history of where some of the best music was born. I decided to expand my horizons, watch and learn. These films are eye opening to the birth of some of the best classic rock music. The documentaries are Muscle Shoals and Studio City, I have provided the links if you want to check them out.

Much to my surprise, I have also really enjoyed watching a daily vlog with my son. I have learned so much about YouTubers and the world they have created. It is really amazing how people create a vlog (video log) about anything they want and gather a huge following along the way. They are celebrities in their own right. As you know, I am just new to the blogging community and technology is not my strong suit, but being exposed to some of these new platforms is something I never thought I would find fascinating.

I have also been re-connecting to outside circles of friends who I love but don’t see on a regular basis. It has been nice catching up on the inspiring things everyone is doing. I feel like so many people I know are trying to grow and expand in some aspect of their lives, and hearing their perspectives and ideas has given me energy in my own pursuits.

inspirationRight now, I feel like I am trying to piece together many different interests and find a connection that will create something productive and exciting. It is like putting together a liberal arts curriculum. I want a well-rounded education building on prior experience and wisdom. I am looking forward to seeing what unfolds…