Family at a game before March Madness

I am loving this March Madness! Who would have thought that I would be the bracket queen of my house? I have never been one to follow sports, the rules, stats, standings, etc. But this year I am totally fascinated with the whole thing. I have a college student at a Big Ten school and having gone to a smaller college myself, never had this spirited experience. I am actually more involved in keeping up with the stats and standings than anyone else in my house. I was watching the standings all season in the Big Ten division. I watched and calculated where the teams would be as the games were played.

Following the regular season, I was excited to see what happened in the tournaments since I was watching the teams standings go up and down as they were matched up. Now with March Madness, I am closely watching what happens as teams are upset, rise up from underdog status, and make the final winning points as the buzzer goes off.

I have my bracket and follow the teams as they move towards the Elite Final Four. It is so unlike me, I get excited for the underdog, and can’t believe some of the upsets, so many of these games are nail biting to the last second. I can’t even believe that I am saying how exciting some of these games are to watch. I was even talking to the cable repairmen the other day when they were at my house and saw my bracket prominently displayed on the island.

I am happy to say that our team has made it to the “Sweet Sixteen”( I am even using the lingo). I was wearing my Wisconsin Sweatshirt today and it definitely started some conversation from other fans or others whose teams are still competing. I was not expecting another mother to come up to me in a very competitive, yet funny manner and say, “we are going to beat you”…  I took this fun-loving, competitive comment with a chuckle.

I am really enjoying this whole experience and look forward to understanding everything much more next year. I will be better prepared at the start of the season knowing how it unfolds and turns into this crazy March Madness. That being said, I can’t wait to see how the next round goes. I have my bracket and spirit gear ready.