Son Break OutI consider myself to be very lucky to have the relationship that I do with my teenage son. He is almost 15 and is an old soul. I used to call him my little man, but now my little man is 7 inches taller than I am.

We are very similar, both type A personalities. He has some very eclectic interests that connect us in a special way. Since he was very young, we have shared the same taste in music. We love a range of tunes from classic rock, soundtracks from shows that we have seen, and we enjoy many of the same current artists.

Over the years while having breakfast before school, we seem to always have an inspirational video, song, or tidbit to share. We never have a lack of things to talk about. He is very respectful of me and my ideas, and supports my out-of-the-box thinking and interests. He is always encouraging me to do what I want and to try new things. He is the reason that I started this blog in the first place.

I am always amazed at the things that he is interested in doing. There are not enough hours in the day to support his interests and passions that range from music to technology. He is my live-in tech support, partner in crime and has a good head on his shoulders for problem solving, support and encouragement.

I am one lucky mom!Young son