I saw a video the other day about the Cyber-Seniors program and it hit a chord with me. This program gives the gift of knowledge and connection to senior citizens who have not had the opportunity to experience the internet. These teens are amazing! Take a look at the video link below. The patience they have is an incredible testament of their genuine goodness.

At first the video is hilarious because we can all relate to trying to help a parent or grandparent with the internet and technology. Then I started to think more and realized that regardless of age, each generation is at a disadvantage to the knowledge of the next one. So basically, that makes me old (it’s all relative). Next I saw how appreciative the seniors were to have been patiently taught how to conquer Facebook and Facetime. It was heartwarming. Patience is the key word here.

As I thought about it more, I had an uneasy feeling about how I don’t always follow the practice of having patience with my previous generation, more specifically, my parents. They always have questions and I quickly answer and move onto the next subject. I definitely am not as composed as my son when he takes the time to explain things to them and to me (because I am the older generation as far as he is concerned). I know that my frustration level is somewhat high at times and I need to take it down a notch. I am not lucky enough to have my parents live locally. I live in Westchester, New York with my family and they live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Having more patience to explain technology and how they can use it to connect with us more often would be a gift for everyone.


We all have things that we know we should do differently, but sometimes it takes something as simple as a video to give you a kick to step up and make a change.