50 Years OldAs I mentioned in my first post, the year leading up to a big 10 birthday is the start of my prep for the decade to come. So in the spirit of preparation this is what I have realized about turning 50…

50 isn’t 40 and 10 years is a lot!

I was so excited about 40. I was starting the decade feeling empowered and energized. Finally, I was able to pursue my own interests a little more than before because my youngest was starting Kindgergarten and had school all day (that was exciting). I started to take care of myself in a whole different way. I became an athlete, not just someone who exercised. It was the difference of being a runner or someone who goes for a jog. Get the picture? I continued to eat well, but craved even a cleaner diet (except for those green drinks) and explored the city on a regular basis. I had energy to burn and felt awesome.

At the time, I remember talking to friends who were only a few years older (closer to 50 than 40) and that much wiser. They would tell me to enjoy this time because it should be celebrated and no one would be able to take that away from me. They also wanted me to be realistic, telling me that 50 is a lot more than 40. I would listen to their words of wisdom and think to myself that won’t happen to me. I won’t have to stretch before getting out of bed or think about the correct way to tie my shoes, carry groceries, or move a piece of furniture to avoid hurting my back or pulling something. I won’t need glasses or a flashlight to read a menu at a restaurant. I am strong and energetic with tons of energy, I am sure I will stay in this state as the years progress. Well needless to say, that’s exactly where I am. I am not complaining (as much as I was), I am just using this year to embrace the frustration of the change so that by my actual birthday I am good to go with a fresh mindset to the next 10.

I have also learned that sometimes what you thought was so important at one point isn’t always important at another milestone. For instance, I was extremely disciplined with my mindset on nutrition and fitness. Now with little injuries and aches and pains, I am not able to do what I used to do and it is ok. At one point I was a fierce marathon runner out in all the extreme weather, nothing would keep me inside, and now I might decide to hit the mall walking scene if the weather is bad (never say never). In the past I wouldn’t eat any white flour and now if I want pizza or pasta, I have it and love every bite!! I used to feel defeated if I caved into this and now I see it differently. The most important thing is to accept where you are going and just because it isn’t what it was, doesn’t mean that it isn’t good. This year is going to get me where I need to be. I am looking forward to seeing it unfold.