This image puts a smile on my face! I love how obviously fascinated these little guys are to see something that is foreign to them and so mainstream to us. I can’t even imagine what they are thinking when they see something as simple as a camera.

In just the past 10 years, photography has become a part of everyday life for so many of us. Anyone and everyone takes pictures of everything. What we are eating, who we are with, ourselves, and the list goes on. Having grown up with the old-fashioned Polaroid, waiting for the ink to dry and the picture to appear, seems like the dark ages. Over the course of a whole vacation, we would take a 24 exposure roll of film with a Kodak instamatic camera, and then wait for a week to get only a few usable pictures back. We would then make copies from the negatives to give to friends and family. I must say that I loved putting pictures in albums and looking at the memories from time to time. Now we take pictures for granted. Sometimes we are so busy taking pictures at an event that we don’t spend the time enjoying the actual performance, gathering or celebration. How many do you print or even upload to your computer so they are organized? I try to make some books once and awhile, but the days of printing pictures to put in frames has gone by the way side.

The progression of photography has evolved, as we have, as a generation. I found this quote that puts a unique spin on pictures. It gives an interesting perspective and seemed to work with how the photo above hit me.

Life through lens