worried mom

I love quotes and heartwarming videos that connect to my character. I have a few to share within this post. If you are a parent, you know that there are countless things that can keep you up at night when one of your kids is dealing with something unsettling. They say that you are only as happy as your least happy kid. I agree with that!

IMG_4357When your kids are babies the sleepless nights are due to teething or being sick. Then as they grow, you might be up because they are left out of something, don’t make the team that all of their friends are on, or that someone is being mean to your son or daughter. I am one of those parents who feel the pain for my child, whether they are little people with little problems or big people with big problems.

Becoming a parent adds a whole new meaning to protecting your young. I take on warrior status to protect them, and turn over every rock when in a tough spot to come up with a solution for the mission. When I am worried about something, I will not stop until I have gone through every option… I am fierce! If you do something to hurt my kids, my kids will forgive you long before I will.

We think that once they are older and can stand up for themselves that it will be easier, not true. I have spoken with my mom about this and she said it never gets easier seeing your children going through a tough time. Some people criticize for being overly involved in your kids lives. They feel that there is a need for them to stand on their own, become independent, and deal with their own issues; more of a tough love approach. Both sides are valid. Regardless of which approach you take, if you are lucky enough to have the job of being someone’s biggest cheerleader then you have the best job of all.

Sleep is overrated anyway.

This is a great ad that I saw a while ago that totally sums it up … Enjoy!