I am always hungry, for what I don’t always know. Is it food, or something else that just makes me feel that I am in the mood for a little more. This statement has taken on new meaning for me.

Let’s talk food…

I have always been one that has a hearty appetite. I don’t understand the people who say that they forgot to eat lunch, who forgets that?! I am hungry for breakfast, lunch, dinner and without fail, snacks. I eat a well-rounded, fairly clean diet. I have tried all of the tricks that might satisify my hunger, but still always find myself wanting just a little something more. I am also an avid exerciser, so that increases my appetite right? All that exercise definitely makes me more hungry. People tell me that when they are not exercising, that they are not as hungry. That doesn’t seem to apply to me. I mean, now you have more time to think about what you are having for lunch or making for dinner.

Looking for a little something to curb the hunger?

IMG_4492Looking for something satisfying? I have realized that it might not be food that I am hungry for. What I have noticed, is that when I am filling myself with satisifying activities, plans, and interesting things, I am not as physically hungry. Regardless of what I am eating and how much I am exercising, I am not as hungry. I am sure there are numerous scientific studies that have proven this several times over (I just didn’t get that memo). Sometimes you need to conduct your own authentic science research to stumble upon something that just makes sense to you.

Maybe is it time to go on a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle diet. Definitely something that I am going to weigh in on…